Tuxedu – Open Source Software for School & Home

Tuxedu is a new Linux distribution created for children.

It comes in two versions Tuxedu Childsafe and Tuxedu Install and has been developed by Herefordshire Linux User Group.

Tuxedu Childsafe is based on Debian and is designed to be run from a live CD or USB pendrive rather than being installed. It provides a wide range of free open-source educational software and games suitable for children up to 10 years old and does not allow users to access the internet or internal hard drives. It is a completely safe and secure environment as children can only access the educational software and games provided

Using Tuxedu

Tuxedu is fun and easy to use

They can print out their work including writing and pictures and if a printer is not available anything they create during the session can be saved to an external drive.

When you shut down Tuxedu nothing is saved to the host computer’s hard disc. There is no way a child (or an adult) can accidentally do any permanent damage to Tuxedu or to the host computer.

Tuxedu Install is based on Lubuntu, the lightweight version of Ubuntu; it is designed to be installed on your PC or Laptop as a standalone or as a dual boot operating system (OS). So you can choose to only have Tuxedu Install as your OS or you can run it alongside your normal OS (for many people this will be Windows) and choose which one you want to use when your computer starts up.

When you use Tuxedu Install you can access the internet, use email, add and remove programs and install updates.