How to boot Tuxedu from a USB stick

If you have successfully loaded the Tuxedu .iso files onto your USB you are ready to boot your PC or laptop from the USB.

Boot just means start the computer using the files on the USB rather than the files in the computers main hard drive.

  • Start your PC or laptop – it may boot straight into Tuxedu – if it does have fun using Tuxedu

If your computer does not automatically boot from the USB, you might need to choose the USB as a boot device.
don’t panic it’s not as hard as you think.

USB BOOT QUICK FIND: Check HERE to find instructions for your PC if you cant find any, ask us or tell us how you got on.

  • You can chose a boot device (your USB stick) from the boot menu. Press the function key to enter the boot menu when your computer is booting. Typically, the boot screen displays which key you need to press. It maybe one of F12, F10. (on many Eee netbooks you press Esc)
The boot screen

The Boot Menu – choose to boot from the USB

  • You need to edit the Boot Order (i.e. the order in which the computer chooses which devices to boot from) and put the USB device at the top. Depending on your computer, and how your USB key was formatted, you should see an entry for “removable drive” or “USB media”. Move this to the top of the list to make the computer attempt to boot from the USB device before booting from the hard disk.

If you cannot see your USB device in the boot menu you will need to edit the BIOS settings

  • Restart your computer, and watch for a message telling you which key to press to enter the BIOS setup. It will usually be one of F1, F2, DEL, ESC or F10. Press this key while your computer is booting to edit your BIOS settings. (On HP Mini Netbooks for example the correct key is usually F9.) You should see a menu where you can choose to make the USB a boot device. Remember to set the USB as the first boot device.

You choose the live option

Once you have set the boot order correctly the computer will start using the software on the USB stick and you should see a screen with a number of options

The picture shows Tuxedu Childsafe booting from a USB stick – you would choose the LIve option.

If you are running Tuxedu Install – you would have the option of running it Livewithout making changes to your computer or Install to install it on your computer

If you have problems booting your computer from a USB stick then get in touch and we will help you

Created using credit: ubuntu community documentation

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