How To Install Tuxedu

You can load Tuxedu Install  on your computer or laptop and run it as the only operating system (OS) or install it as a dual boot with Windows or another OS and choose which one you want to run when you start up your computer.


If you value any of the programs or files on your PC, you must ensure you backup your computer before you start any of the installation steps below. You should always backup regularly and test that backups work as a normal part of owning and using any computer as they will all fail at some point. If you do not backup, prepare to lose; photos, emails, documents, in fact everything on it, at any time.

Generally, when installing Tuxedu, everything will go as expected and continue to work well and behave just as it did before. Just occasionally that is not the case and then you need a way to go back to what you had before. You will need that backup and you can’t make a backup after things go wrong!

Windows installs and Macs have many applications that can help you backup and restore. Ideally try to use something that will take an image of your disk with all the files, programs and Windows itself. This will use a great deal of hard disk or recordable DVD space and takes time but is much simpler to restore than rebuilding everything from scratch.

Backed up? Then off we go!

After downloading your installation .iso image, you need to burn it to a CD, DVD or live USB. See the How to create a bootable USB page for detailed instructions on creating a bootable USB stick
Make sure that your computer is set to boot from a CD or USB (whichever you are using) before the main hard drive – this is not as complicated as it sounds have a quick look at the How to Boot from a live USB page for instructions on changing the boot order

First screen following boot

You can choose to Install or Boot Live.

Insert the Tuxedu disc into your CD drive or insert your Tuxedu USB stick.
Start or restart your computer.

If the boot order is set correctly it will boot from the CD or USB and you will be given a choice

install icon

Install icon on Tuxedu-Install Desktop

You can choose to install by picking ‘start the installer directly’
or you can ‘boot the live system’ and boot into Tuxedu, then choose the Install icon from the desktop.

It’s your choice which way you prefer to install but if you haven’t had a look at Tuxedu yet then we recommend booting Live first before installing to check that Tuxedu runs well on your machine and so that you can familiarise yourself with Tuxedu before the main Install process.

language screen

You can choose your language



Once you start the Install you will see a Lubuntu splash screen then the Language screen will appear.
Select your desired language click and forward.





preparing to install

Tuxedu is preparing to installThe next screen will tell you that you are preparing to install -


You can choose to install the 3rd party software that helps you to play flash, MP3’s and other media.

We recommend that you don’t install updates during the install process –





allocating Drive Space

How do you want to allocate drivespace


The next screen will ask how you want to allocate drive space.

You can choose  ‘erase disc and install Tuxedu‘ which means you will just have Tuxedu as your operating system or you can choose ‘something else‘ and dual boot Tuxedu with your current OS –  if you didn’t read the note at the top of this post about backing up your files you might like to go back and read it again. Remember Installing Tuxedu on your entire hard disk will erase all data that is currently on the drive so do save all your files beforehand to an external drive as they will be deleted when the disc is erased.

If you want to install Tuxedu as a Dual Boot alongside Windows or another OS so that you can choose which you want to use every time you start the computer then Select Guided – resize.
In the New partition size area if you want to you can drag the area between the two partitions to create your desired partition sizes. A Partition is just the area of the hard disc which is allocated to each operating system or distro. If you are unsure let the program decide on the space allocated to each

Once you have chosen what you want to do click forward and then install now

location screen

choose the location nearest to you

The install will begin but first you must choose your location

Select the place closest to you and click Forward.

keyboard layouts

choose your keyboard - you can test it

Then the Keyboard layout window will appear
If the Suggested option is not correct, select the correct keyboard layout for your machine – there will be an option to test your keyboard keys.

Then Click Forward.

When the installation wizard finishes, you will see the the Installation complete window.
Click Restart now to restart your computer.

Congratulations Tuxedu is now installed.

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