How to make a Tuxedu bootable USB stick

If you want to run Tuxedu, from a USB stick, sometimes called a USB flash Drive you will first need to download and copy the files to the USB stick.

We recommend this as the best way to run Tuxedu Childsafe and a good way to try out Tuxedu Install before you put it onto your computer. Running Tuxedu from a USB stick will be faster than running it from a CD.

  • you will need a copy of the distribution installation files (‘the ISO’) which you can download. It’s a good idea to check that your copy of the .iso file is a true copy – you can do this by checking it’s MD5sum, it’s easy to check and details of how to do it are here
  • First check your USB stick, if it has any files on it that you want to keep, back them up now. Putting the Tuxedu .iso on the USB and making it bootable will destroy all pre-existing files.
  • We recommend that you use UNetbootin to create a bootable Live USB stick. UNetbootin is an open source program which runs on linux & windows – you can download it from
  • Run the UNetbootin program, select Diskimage then browse to where you saved the .ISO file on your computer and select it. Choose your target USB stick, double check that you have selected the correct USB device and click OK – the program will create your bootable Live USB.

You are now ready to run Tuxedu – for details of how to boot from a live USB  look here

Created using credit: ubuntu community documentation

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