How to

Getting started with Tuxedu is easy – you just need to download the Tuxedu .iso file and put it onto a CD or USB stick – we recommend a USB as it will run faster and you will have a better experience.

If you have never used an ISO file we’ve included some handy guides to get you started – so have a look through them if you are unsure what to do and you can always contact us if you need further help

Remember there are two versions of Tuxedu

Tuxedu Childsafe and Tuxedu Install – so think carefully about which version you want to run

The locked Childsafe version of Tuxedu has been developed so that children can use the included programs safely, they cannot gain access to the internet or effect any changes to the PC or laptop it is running on – once the USB or CD is is removed and you reboot your computer will run as normal. You cannot install using the locked version or view any windows files during the Tuxedu session.

The full or Install version of Tuxedu does allow internet access and you can either run it ‘live’ or install it permanently on your computer either alone or as a dual boot alongside your existing Operating System. It’s a full operating system so you can use email, add and remove programs and if you are running it ‘live’ or intalled as a dual boot you will be able to access files from your alternative OS which are located on the computers hard drive.

If once you boot from your USB or CD and get through to the main Tuxedu screen you are asked for a username and password enter tuxedu in both to get to the desktop session.

How to