Tell us how you get your PC into USB boot mode!

This is your chance to help make Tuxedu even better!

We are asking you for two minutes of your time to help everyone get their PC or laptop booting Tuxedu.

Anyone who uses Tuxedu or indeed any USB boot device can help simply by telling us how you did it on your particular computer so we can help others do it simpler.

Some people find the possibilities when booting from USB confusing and the biggest single obstacle to getting Tuxedu to work for their children. Although the task itself is simple, the range of possible ways different manufacturers have for making it happen and the difficulty finding that out, is something we want to simplify.

We hope to get a smartphone app ready to help people contribute to this, perhaps with a brief video, but right now we have this simple page to get the ball rolling.

If you want to get a better idea what this is all about click here for our Tuxclub help video

Thanks to Barry T, James M, Andres, Bruno G, Peter S, Tony P, Gordon S for helping us start the collection which we hope to build on as the basis for a free and open source tool and data set. In the meantime please search and importantly add your USB boot experience here:

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