Tuxedu Childsafe

This is the Childsafe version of Tuxedu which has been developed so that children can use the included programs safely, they cannot gain access to the internet or effect any changes to the PC or laptop it is running on
You run Tuxedu Childsafe from a USB stick or CD (we recommend a USB as you will find it faster) once the USB or CD is removed and you reboot (turn off and on again) your computer will run as normal.
You cannot install this version onto your computer – if you want the installable version with full internet access please go to Tuxedu Install

Download Tuxedu Childsafe here
To verify that you have a true copy you may wish to check the MD5sum you will find the MD5sum file here

For details of how to make a Bootable USB stick or CD and how to run from a USB or CD take a look at our How To Section