TuxTyping is a typing tuition program that works through games and lessons, with a wide range of options and starring children’s favourite, Tux the penguin. It’s a basic, keyboard-controlled interface both for setting up and choosing options, working through lessons and playing the games.

The games involve Tux either catching letters inside fish or zapping letters with a ray. There are numerous languages to choose from, several levels of difficulty, and a range of categories of word to choose from, ie names of plants, trees, colours, shapes etc. Fish Cascade is aimed at younger children, Comet Zap at older.

The lessons involve copying a sequence of keystrokes for learning individual letters, or copying phrases such as ‘the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’, lines from poetry etc, with instant audio feedback if a child hits the wrong key. The program records data including accuracy as a percentage, typing speed, number of errors etc.

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